5 Occasions Apt to Wear Baluchari Sarees Online

Baluchari Sarees, the pride of Bengal, are available in multiple colours and patterns. Thus, they can be used across multiple contexts and can be worn in a variety of occasions:

Bridal wear – The All-over Baluchari, which is the supreme form of the Baluchari saree can be a wonderful replacement for a Benarasi Saree. This is a kind of a Swarnachari saree (Baluchari sarees in which the motifs and pattern are woven with Zari), in which the entire body of the saree is woven with intricate patterns with different although matching patterns across the pleats and pallu complimented with matching patterns in blouse.

Swarnachari Baluchari Saree
Green Swarnachari Saree with Allover work

While it has the same level of intricacy in work across the length and breadth of the Saree, Allover work Baluchari Saree is many times lighter than a Benarasi Saree. Thus, one a dazzle during her most special day in life with a gorgeous piece of Swarnachari Saree with allover motif work. Available in a variety of colours although Red, Magenta and Blue are recommended colours for Bridal wear.

Attending Weddings – Draping a swarnachari or a minakari Baluchari Saree (Baluchari saree with motifs woven into contrasting coloured threads), can the surest head-turner. Especially the Baluchari sarees which are made with bi-coloured threads.

Baluchari Saree
Bi-coloured Baluchari Saree

These not only look outstanding as a product, they are generally limited in supply. Think of answers for questions like “where did you find this” and then drape one of these.

Social occasions – Minakari Baluchari sarees made in mustard or rust-orange threads can be a great accompaniment for attending social gatherings such as Birthdays, House Parties etc. These colours are fairly universal and can fit into any occasion in day or night, look equally good even with minimal make-up, and can be worn by women across all age groups and complexions. These are some of the safest colours.

Baluchari Saree with Mustard colour
Baluchari Minakari Mustard Saree

Office wear – Baluchari sarees are also available in which the Pallu work is slightly understated and made with single coloured threads. The motifs are at wider spaces and made with single coloured threads. For an understated elegance into meetings, gatherings and events which are slightly official in nature, Single thread coloured Baluchari sarees can be a great option. On the price front, these are a bit more pocket-friendly compared to its richer (art-wise) peers.

mustard baluchari
Mustard Baluchari

Comfort wear –Since Baluchari Silk sarees are quite comfortable to wear since they are handmade, there are Baluchari sarees which are made in cotton. Although the cotton baluchari sarees are quite comfortable to wear and priced reasonable compared with the silk counterparts, the artwork does not stand out in a cotton backdrop as beautifully as it does in silk.

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