The Four Most Popular Sarees From Bengal That Speak About Bengali Culture And Traditions

“Draping the six yard in style has been the celebrated glory for most women who are prone to wearing sarees to grace any occasion. In this blog, you will find the top 4 names of the sarees from Bengal that are popular and find a rich place in Indian culture and tradition.”


Bengal Saree
Bengal Saree

Bengal has always been the pioneer for ethnic outfits, and nothing flatters Bengali women more than the sarees.  The Bengali community boasts about their music, food, football, travelogues and definitely the handloom sarees. It is widely assumed that Bengali woman in a saree and bindi is a soothing sight to behold!

A number of renowned sarees trace their origin at Bengal, be it Kolkata or the other districts and rural parts. Bengal has been the home to a variety of traditional sarees crafted with perfection by the rural weavers’ community, with hard work and dedication.

The authentic Bengali sarees are garnering a lot of attention all over India, and abroad these days for being so classy, elegant and simple. The top four authentic Bengali sarees are discussed below.

  • The Tussar sarees
    Tussar Saree
    Tussar Saree with Madhubani work

    The undyed and natural tussar silk sarees come in beige, cream, honey or tawny shades, and these traditional sarees originate from West Bengal.  The natural sheen from golden color and high-quality texture make these sarees highly gorgeous and are produced from silkworms by the tribal communities of Bengal. India is the largest producer of tussar sarees in the world, and when dyed, they are available in a rich variety of colors.  The decorative motifs embossed on these sarees with exquisite borders make them so trendy, but they are high maintenance and require utmost care to make them long lasting with freshness.

  • The baluchuri silk sarees
    Baluchari Saree
    Baluchari Saree

    The baluchuri silk sarees trace back their origin in Bengal and their designs depict scenes from ancient epics, mythological events, and religious texts. Though mainly produced in Murshidabad, now Bishnupur and places near it have formed the central hub for their production. The exotic borders and elaborative floral and paisley patterns on the body and the pallu speak volumes about the excellence of craftsmanship of the weavers’ community of Bengal and are available in attractive hues and styles.

  • The Taant sarees
    Jamdani Saree
    Purple Jamdani Saree

    The cotton handloom sarees are better known as taant saree in Bengal and are crafted with the help of hand and leg operated tools and machines. Weaved by the artisans of rural Bengal, the taant sarees are made of soft and breathable handloom cotton that offers lightweight stance with an airy texture, perfect for summers. The relatively plain body, with a thick border and decorative pallu of taant sarees make them beautiful to look, and also comfortable to feel in.  You can go for different prints, from feminine florals to animal patterns, paisley and much more.

The korial sarees

Korial Saree
Korial Saree

The grand and eloquent version of simple garad sarees is called the korial sarees, that form the quintessential closet staple for Bengali women.  The rich silky texture of these sarees are quite sophisticated and come with white or off-white silk body and a colored border and pallu. Worn mainly during religious occasions, these sarees typically embody the white and red color combination, exuding different design patterns, ornamental and intricate motifs.

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