Welcome to Sarees of Bengal Blog Page! We provide you overview of the variety of sarees available within the different types of Bengal sarees. You would also find a ready reckoner on the available varieties on any type of Bengal Sarees, how to choose one product which might be appropriate for your needs.

Sarees of Bengal

At Sarees of Bengal, we provide a comprehensive idea on variety of Handwoven Sarees found in various parts of Bengal. You would find description on Baluchari, Jamdani, Kantha, Muslin, Matka and many other varieties, which are speciality of Bengal.


Handwoven varieties of Sarees from Bengal are discussed here. Bengal Sarees include a wide range of Sarees including Baluchari Sarees from Bisnupur, Kantha Stitch Sarees from Bolpur, Jamdani Sarees from Fulia and Santipur, Tussar Silk Sarees from Murshidabad and so on.


The Four Most Popular Sarees From Bengal That Speak About Bengali Culture And Traditions

“Draping the six yard in style has been the celebrated glory for most women who are prone to wearing sarees to grace any occasion. In this blog, you will find the top 4 names of the sarees from Bengal that are popular and find a rich place in Indian culture and tradition.”   Bengal has …


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