Guide to Buy Jamdani Online

Jamdani is an amazing variety of Sarees which is found in the Nadia district of Bengal. Fulia and Santipur are hubs for Jamdani with most weavers converging to this part of Nadia to sell their produce to bigger traders of Sarees. Jamdani derives its name from a Persian word meaning a bouquet of flowers on account of the attractive floral pattern traversing the length of the saree.

Jamdani sarees come in a variety of attractive colours. Based on their patterns, they can be broadly classified as follows:

  • Jamdani Self-work – These are Jamdani sarees in which the colour of the background fabric is of the same hue as the floral pattern in the foreground. The monochrome element lends an unparalleled grace to the Saree. Red Jamdani
  • Jamdani All-over Floral work – These are Jamdani work in which entire length and breadth of the saree is adorned by a similar floral pattern. Bold floral patterns complimented by a contrasting background colour is an ideal recipe to stand out in a crowd.
  • Jamdani Half-n-Half – Jamdani Sarees with lower half of the saree in a floral pattern of a different colour than the portion which is draped in the upper half. Floral patterns may be similar or complementing each other through their disparity.
  • Jamdani
  • Jamdani Patli-Pallu – These are Jamdani sarees in which the Pleats are of a contrasting colour.
  • Traditional Jamdani Work – These are the characteristic Jamdani pattern in which the body of the Jamdani Saree has small patterns, typically angular and a grand display in the Pallu. This Jamdani is for all seasons and all generations.


  • Panel Work Jamdani – These Jamdani sarees typically have lesser floral design in the lower half (weaving are done in panel pattern) while in the upper half designs are weaved compactly similar to an allover work Jamdani.